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The prices for MapMake and WindCircle 2000 are outlined below. The prices are subject to change without notification

Feature Price(per copy)*
1 copy
Basic Package
Display Maps, Find Airports, Display Routes & Wind Corrected Ranges Contact Aria for quote
Option Packages
Plot ETOPS area of operation add $2,000
Display winds contours add $1,500
Find Alternate Airports add $1,500
Plot routes calculated by the Jeppesen flight-planning program. add $1,500
WindCircle 2000  
Display Wind Corrected Ranges on Map $4,500
*Taxes if applicable are not included.
  • Aria provides 3 months free telephone, fax, and email support. The same support cost $100 US dollars per hour thereafter.
  • On-site training and installation support cost $1,000 US dollars per day plus cost of travel.