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MapMake starts by displaying a map that can be customized for size and coverage.
On this map one can add airports, wind contours, ETOPS area of operation
and draw routes both via input and interactively.

Clicking on the Airport menu brings up the following window:
Finding Airport
This is there the airports can be found and selected for inclusion on the map.

After adding a few airports to the map the properties of those airports can be
viewed by choosing the Selected Airports Tab.
Selected Airports

By choosing the Route Information Tab routes can be added on the map.
Route Information

The map will resemble the sample below, after routes have been added using
one of three easy methods.
Route map
By choosing the ETOPS Tab an area of operations can be added on the map
Clicking on the "Draw" button the map would look something like this.
If one wants to find airports close to the southern tip of Greenland,
click on it to get the following Window.
Airport Search

If one wants to know wind influence on a route wind contours can be added.
Wind Contours

To generate wind corrected range circles press the Wind Circle Tab
Wind Circles

The button Wind Circle Input brings up the following Window.
Wind Circle Input

At this time no effort has been spent in labeling the resulting wind circles.
Wind Circle Chart

All resulting maps can be transferred to other programs using the standard Windows cut and paste facility.
Here is an example of the Routes with wind contours transferred into PowerPoint. The map is transferred as vector information so PowerPoint can be used to also edit it.